ZOMBIE ARMY 4: DEAD WAR Pc Game REVIEW What’s your dream eighth snack? I remember, one I would never purchase deliberately unless it was on a particularly aggressive bid, but if left alone with a box, you can snack absent-mindedly before your eyes touch the next one and discover just crumbs. I want you to imagine that as vividly as you can. Imagine that your cupboards are packed with it now— and that is what it feels like to play Zombie Army 4: Dead Fight. Especially if there are tasty brains in the snack in question.

In this example, pressing the left mouse button to shoot your pistol to hear the satisfying squish of another zombie’s cranium bursting is the sensation you get as you chomp down — that glorious weightless time before the remorse and slight tummy ache and the realization you have a family history of diabetes. When game pleasures go, the solution to a fiendish problem by tapping somewhere in the bottom of your brain or the burst of imagination that comes from doing something crazy and getting an answer that means the creators saw you coming. But it’s certainly more strict.


Rebellion has honed this one moment to its sharpest point over the fifteen years and six games that have contributed to this level, beginning with 2005’s Sniper Elite. The kickback on a submachine gun pistol has all the mass-produced ingenuity of the sponge foundation of a Jaffa Cake, every projectile hitting the reticule higher and closer to that all-important headshot. When you strike them with an electrified projectile, tasty as just-slightly-dark chocolate, the way zombies fall to the ground quivering. Then pressing in with your sniper scope, capturing a remote man in personal close-up, then witnessing the shot whizzing out of the chamber in slow motion, across the floor and then into your eye socket,through the squishy mass of brain Get game in ocean of games,

Now and then there is nothing wrong with a pair of empty calories. But then you look back at the metaphorical cupboard, and you know… it’s complete. There are another couple of hundred zombies between you and the escape point, and beyond that campaign worth nine pages, each of which lasts a few hours. Then a horde mode, the weekly tasks that add up to common amounts of fresh modifiers. Then, the major novelty to chew your way through this latest installment, a hundred tiers of bonuses in game, firearm enhancements then unlockable cosmetics.